Forthnet is the largest entertainment and communications provider in Greece. Today, the company that brought internet and satellite pay TV in Greece is, through Nova 3Play, the largest 3play provider in the country. Forthnet, using state-of-the-art technologies and fully exploiting its knowhow, is  devoted to constantly developing pioneering proposals for providing integrated, inexpensive communication and entertainment services to the Greek family. It’s a listed company in the main market of the Athens Stock Exchange since 2000.

Today, Forthnet operates a chain of more than 130 shops all over the country and as of March 31, 2015, the company has over 1.18 million subscriptions, entering more than 815 thousand households (~20% of total).

Forthnet has always been a pioneer, as it is the company that introduced the terms 2play and 3play to the Greek market, while through Nova, the pay-TV platform, it was the first to broadcast in HD (high definition) and the first to produce and broadcast 3D TV content. In 2014, it introduced yet another digital novelty, the Nova GO – an awarded over-the-top service, which offers live and on demand TV content on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

It owns and broadcasts, along with Nova distributed channels, the Novasports and Novacinema channels. The sport channels offer the most popular Greek sports content, such as the national top leagues in football, basketball and volleyball. The Novacinema channels, through exclusive deals with the major Hollywood studios, offer premieres and blockbusters one year before any other channel in Greece. In addition to those premium content channels, the Novalifε channel is available to all Nova subscribers, offering movies, series and talk shows.

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