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Nova Superleague Awards



The institution Nova Superleague Awards is organized in honour of the Greek football. Its sole scope is the awarding of honorific awards to the best football players of Superleague championship who were distinguished for their talent and morals during the previous football season. Forthnet Group, as a basic supporter of Greek football, awards the "top scorer" the best team consisting of 18 football players, the "most valuable player-MVP", the "best statement of the year", the "fair play" action, the "best save", the "best assist", the "most valuable player', the "best coach" and the "best goal".

The 18 football players that constitute the best team arise from their participations in the top eleven players of each one of the 30 playing days of the championship, selected by the sports editors of Nova and presented every Monday through the show "Time of the Champions".

Awards are also given at the categories: most valuable player, best coach and best goal and the distinguished persons are elected on the basis of an open voting that starts with the termination of the championship and is accomplished two hours prior to the commencement of the Awards ceremony. The voting is effected through the channels Novasports, the web pages and and via sms.

For the categories best assist, best saving, top statement of the year, as well as for the "fair play" action, a special committee is constituted, which decides, having seen the candidacies that have arisen from the show "Time of the Champions".

The winners per year had been the following ones:

Top 18 (2011)

  • Dimitris Eleftheropoulos
  •  Dimitris Konstantopoulos
  • Traianos Dellas
  • Loukas Vyntra
  • Pablo Contreras
  • Kalifa Sankare
  • Yiannis Kontoes
  • Ariel Ibagaza
  • Vicente Monje
  • Adelino Vieirinha
  • David Fuster
  • Darsi Neto
  • Djamel Abdoun
  • Rafik Djebbour
  • Kevin Mirallas
  • Kostas Mitroglou
  • Djibril Cisse

Top  18 (2010)

  • Alexandros Tzorvas
  • Antonis Nikopolidis
  • Loukas Vyntra
  • Giorgos Tzavellas
  • Avraam Papadopoulos
  • Olof Mellberg
  • Douglao Ferreira
  • Vasilis Torosidis
  • Kostas Katsouranis
  • Mehdi Nafti
  • Pablo Garcia
  • Gilberto Silva
  • Sotiris Ninis
  • Vladan Ivic
  • Adelino Vieirinha
  • Tumer Metin
  • Nacho Scocco
  • Djibril Cisse

Most Valuable Player

  • Ariel Ibagaza (2011)
  • Djibril Cisse (2010)

Best Coach

  • Ernesto Valverde (2011)
  • Nikos Noblias (2010)

Best Goal

  • Rafik Djebbour (2011)
  • Thanasis Karagounis (2010)

Best Assist

  • Djibril Cisse (2011)
  • Kristztian Nemeth (2010)

Best Save

  • Matias Degra (2011)
  • Yiannis Arabatzis (2010)

Top statement

  • Victor Jacob (2011) 
  • Tasos Pantos (2010)

Fair play 

  • Jean-Alain Boumsong (2011)
  • Michalis Sifakis (2010)

Top Scorer

  • Djibril Cisse (2011)
  • Djibril Cisse (2010)

Honorific Awards (2011)

  • Antonis Nikopolidis
  • Tasos Katsampis


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