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Forthnet Group Beach Volley Tournament


Forthnet, in cooperation with the Hellenic Volleyball Federation and the former international athlete of Volleyball and excellent connoisseur of the sport, Michalis Triantafyllidis, organized in 1999, the 1st Beach Volley tournament for the aficionados of the internet and the subscribers of the company. The success of that event led to the creation of an institution, that not only does it continue until today, but has a constant upturn as well.

Beyond the continuously increasing number of participations, from July of 2006 until today, "Forthnet Beach Volley Tournament" was also extended from the geographic point of view, out of the narrow boundaries of Attica. After the excellent impact that had in Crete in July of 2006, the event was soon transferred in Chalkidiki too, in July of 2007, with an analogous success, while in 2010 it included female athletes too in its schedule.

Today, "Forthnet Group Beach Volley Tournament", having completed 12 years of life, continues to be held in Attica, Chalkidiki and Crete. It is a very strong event as regards the competition, which is acknowledged as an institution in the sports activities of the country and attracts athletes who have high abilities. The competition is strong with intense fights on the sand. It is about an opportunity for the exploitation of the possibilities that Greece gives to us, with the best possible summer conditions and the magnificent beaches it has.

At the same time, "Forthnet Group Beach Volley Tournament", constitutes one more real support of Forthnet Group to Greek athletics, either professional or amateurish, as well as specifically to Volley, which it constantly promotes via Novasports channels.


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