Public Sector - E-Goverment

The Public Entities pursue today to offer to the citizen a better level of services

Despite the conservative budgets, the state entities aspire to provide upgraded services to the enterprises and the citizens. The e-Government can provide the answers to this challenge: The provision of services in electronic format makes easier the life of the citizens and the enterprises.

Flexibility and Effectiveness

Remodeled Organizational Structures and procedures that are supported by Information & Communications Technologies are the basic components for unparalleled flexibility and effectiveness. Rationalized business structures at a modern Private Sector, means better services for all! The solutions of Forthnet are in the position to contribute to this, by hastening the administrative procedures.

Using e-Government methodologies and solutions, Forthnet is in the position to support the Public Administration in the creation of electronically networked client-orientated governmental Organizations. To this effect, Information & Communications Technologies that have been widely tested with success in the private sector are used. Forthnet has a huge experience in large scale works and a significant know-how for the specific requirements of the Public Sector.

With a continuous presence and creative interventions in the Public consultations regarding planning and proclamations, Forthnet has gained distinction as an ideal collaborator in all the stages of the e-Government’s development: From the main conception of an innovative work with large response, to the final stage of the materialization!

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