Technical Network

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International Traffic Exchange

Forthnet has interconnection to international Internet Exchange Points (DEC-IX, AMS-IX, BIX) and the total interconnection capacity with international Internet is 180 Gbps from Athens and Thessaloniki. Southern Greece via Athens and Northern Greece via Thessaloniki are directly interconnected with abroad, achieving even better network operation and faster user experience with the international internet. At the same time Forthnet maintains private peerings with well-known content providers (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, etc.) as well as online gaming providers (Valve, Wargaming, Interactive 3D, Gameforge, Blizzard, etc.) in order to provide the best experience for its subscribers.

At the same time, Forthnet has a permanent connection 71 Gbps with the local providers in Greece and has 179 Gbps Content Delivery Network in Athens and Thessaloniki, for local content serving (Google, Akamai, Facebook, web-streaming).

The company, thanks to its many-year experience and know-how, is constantly upgrading and adapting its network so that entire Greece can enjoy high-quality and diversified broadband services.


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