Career Opportunities


For Forthnet, human resources are the driving force in its efforts for constant progress and development. The importance we place on the human factor is apparent from the friendly and creative working environment and the significant career opportunities we offer our staff.

Forthnet makes every possible effort to further educate its staff, in recognition of their need to be constantly up-to-date with the rapid developments taking place in every sector. Methodically, with emphasis on quality and the effective utilization of its employees' valuable time, Forthnet develops and implements programmes that turn the group's employees into its real competitive advantage.

Forthnet does not hesitate to spend a significant proportion of its income on educational programmes for the advancement and correct training of its employees. Such training aims to keep our staff constantly up-to-date with developments in their field, allowing them to develop their personal skills and knowledge. We invest in the development of all our employees, with the express intention of assisting their professional advancement. We encourage employees to identify their educational needs, as well as their personal ambitions, in order to create the most suitable training program that will help them utilize their capabilities more effectively.

Training can take place externally, in collaboration with educational bodies that adhere faithfully to international quality standards, who have high-level teaching staff with many years of experience in their field and continually adapt to new developments. Training can also take place in-house, using the scientific training and long professional experience of executives who are willing to pass on their knowledge to new colleagues.

As a result, our employees have the opportunity to enrich their knowledge, to form an overall idea of the object of their work, to further develop the group's competitive advantages and thus to always remain in touch with the dynamic changes taking place in the sector.

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