Hellenic Film Academy


 Forthnet Group, a firm supporter of the Cinema of Greece, proceeded to a very important sponsoring cooperation with the Hellenic Film Academy. It is about an action that henceforth comes to give an institutional status too, to the support provided by Nova to the cinema of Greece for the last 12 years. Specifically, Nova through its 112 Greek co-productions stands by the Greek filmmakers, at the level of the production, being a co-producer of the films, as well as at the level of their promotion, showing them via its 4 cinema channels, Novacinema. At a period that the financing sources of the Greek cinema are hard to find, Nova continues to support in practice the production and promotion of this significant artistic aspect of our modern culture.

As Mrs. Kaskanioti, Content and Platform General Manager of Forthnet Group, said characteristically at the Hellenic Film Academy awards ceremony 2012: ''For 12 years now, Nova supports the cinema of Greece with its 112 co-productions. We did it before the crisis, we do it now during the crisis, and we shall continue to do it. However, from this year, we decided to make one more step. We became Major Sponsors of the Hellenic Film Academy because we believe that it is time for us to support our own institutions. To provide support to the difficult struggle that wants our national filmmaking to have its Academy, like it happens in all the other places of the world. So, we stand by the Hellenic Film Academy, for anything it needs, but this means only one thing: that we stand by the filmmakers; all those talented creators that struggle alone, or almost alone, for years in order to make their films''.

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